This is truly a new adventure!  This blog is the blueprint and report of my newest venture: Transcend Fiber Studio.  What is that, you ask?  The Fiber Studio is my choice to start a business on my own.  Not just a business, but an art business.  I will be using the blog to tell followers my story: how I began, why I started the business, how I intend to share it with fellow fiber artists, studio development, my successes and my learning moments, and everything else that may be worthwhile content to share with others.  My greatest hope is that my studio business will be shared both virtually and locally to develop other fiber artists.

Why fiber art?  Fiber is truly fascinating, if you give it a chance to impress you.  Some people see wool as just another regular commodity.  I see it as a scientific and artistic marvel.  Wool is an exceptional material! And there are many different types of fiber animals.  My journey as a fiber artist so far has been short but dedicated.  Fiber art is fascinating to me because it is a raw material process.  I take raw wool straight from the animal and process it so that I can spin it by hand, then use the yarn to knit or weave fabric.  There are many decisions along the way, and each project presents a multitude of possible end results.  As I progress in this blog, you will see as I continue to learn and develop as an artist.  Hopefully, it will be just as inspiring to readers as it is to the students who come to the studio.

Transcend Fiber Studio sports equipment that not every fiber artist has access to right off the bat.  I spent over a year purchasing fiber studios from estates, antique store closures, and from individuals.  I intended to share everything from the very beginning.  I never looked at a loom that I intended just for myself.  I wanted others to enjoy the equipment right alongside of me.  I have now set up my private studio so that I can bring in weaving instructors to teach others the joys of weaving. That studio is still under construction.  The first open studio is planned for June 9 & 10, 2018.  I am super excited to share the studio with my fiber arts community!

My biggest goal is to establish a learning and creative community.  I plan to have my studio open 7 days a week, for any fiber artist who wants to learn or develop.  I will also use the studio as a working artist, and will set up a future e-Commerce store where I can sell my end products.  As I learn more about blogging and developing a virtual business, I will be sharing those lessons with other artists.

My hope is to inspire fiber artists to learn a craft while keeping readers informed of my progress and development as an artist, entrepreneur, and student as I learn to support myself through a creative pursuit.  That is not only a mouthful, but it is a huge undertaking!  I am in the midst of settling a fiber studio (roughly 1,100 sq ft of space) and creating my home office.  There will be many posts in the beginning about studio storage, design, and layout.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait to get started.  At the same time, I struggle with trying to figure out where to begin.  What about you?  What has been your greatest undertaking?  Where did you begin? What were your goals in the beginning and did you accomplish that goal?


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I am Grace, a fiber artist in North Carolina. I am enthralled with the magic of turning fiber into usable and practical items for everyday use and wear. I work out of my studio, Transcend Fiber Studio, where I enjoy hosting open studios, workshops, and fiber friends. My studio is a shareable space, so fiber friends can always come for visiting to share in fibery exploits, fascinating new adventures in the fiber arts, and (my favorite) show and tell of recently accomplished projects.

One thought on “The Next Great Adventure!

  1. What a great adventure this is going to be! You have actually acomplished one of the hardest steps, getting started. The studio looks great too! I look forward to coming by and trying to weave. Maybe I could start on the small loom if Rachel will share with me.


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