My fiber studio is the happiest place in my world.  I have spent a lot of time there lately, working on dressing my looms and dyeing yarn and fiber for the Central Carolina Yarn Crawl.  And now that I have my blog/webpage back up and running (finally and sorry about that!), I thought I would show off the space!

I recently held an open studio.  While this is my studio, I plan to share the space with other fiber enthusiasts.   I purchased most of my fiber equipment with the intent to share it.  The open studio forced me to organize and clean my studio.  Setting everything up took a month, but now that the open studio is over, I am now lucky enough to enjoy working in the studio.

The work stations are mostly together.  I have a dye kitchen, weaving station, knitting nook, storage bar and working top, planning table, fiber processing station, and the quilting and sewing area.


Dye Kitchen: I am so very proud of this countertop!  This was fabricated for me using my Habitat for Humanity cabinets.  They left the wooden countertops unfinished, and I finished using Unicorn Spit.  This way, even, if I stain this countertop with my dyes (natural or acid), it will simply look like a part of the finish.  This is also a super deep countertop.  Plus, my utility sink is huge! It easily fits any one of my pots, so I can fill it very easily.  I also had the plumber drain the sink into 5-gallon buckets.  While this makes more work for me, it allows me to keep mindful of my water conservation.  I can easily recycle my water.  Not only that, but there are times when I can reuse the water which has either acid and/or dyes still in the water.  Other times, I simply drain the water into my garden.  The one drawback is I only have one electrical outlet.  Hopefully, I can add more in the near future!


The weaving station consists of six floor looms, facing into a circle together.  I keep stools and a large sewing storage stool in the center of the circle so I can easily use them while I am threading the heddles.  This will be helpful in weaving classes, also.  I have worked on looms when they are set up in a traditional classroom setting.  In a circle, the weaving students will be able to socialize while weaving and dressing the loom.  It is a bit tight, so we will see how well this works in October 2018!  The warping boards are mounted on the wall behind the looms.


The knitting nook is a comfortable space for fiber socials. Fiber friends are welcome to come sit with me to knit, crochet, spin, or simply share a tea or conversation.


The bar used to be an actual working bar.  A long, long time ago.  Since I have had it, I have reveled in all of the storage  and workspace it offers me!  I keep my yarn swift and winder mounted on the top.  Weaving accessories are stored in the shelving below.



The planning table is lacking some lighting right now.  I can use this station for learning space for classes, and my trunk shows during the open studios.



I have one space allocated for spinning and the library.

The front room is where I store my fiber, fleeces, and more (the room I reorganized in my last post).  This is the processing space and also where I blend for art yarns.  I have more fleece than time, and hopefully, this fall, I will be able to transition some of my fiber from my processing and storage into my yarn stash.


The other side of the front room is where my mother’s quilting station is.  One table is her cutting table with storage underneath. Fabric is stored on the bookcase. And, of course, the sewing machines are on the opposite table.  I hope to add a serger eventually, and better lighting above the sewing table.


All in all, my studio could use more lighting and electrical outlets, but otherwise, it is a great space and I love spending time here!  It has been a ton of work pulling it together, and I am rather proud of the space.  When I am in the studio, I often have several projects happening all at the same time.

And that is my studio!  I love that I have so much space devoted to my studio.  I also love that I can share this space with other fiber enthusiasts, students, and many fiber friends.  As I continue to grow my business and product line, I hope the studio will also continue to grow and improve.

Posted by:transcendfiberstudio

I am Grace, a fiber artist in North Carolina. I am enthralled with the magic of turning fiber into usable and practical items for everyday use and wear. I work out of my studio, Transcend Fiber Studio, where I enjoy hosting open studios, workshops, and fiber friends. My studio is a shareable space, so fiber friends can always come for visiting to share in fibery exploits, fascinating new adventures in the fiber arts, and (my favorite) show and tell of recently accomplished projects.

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